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What knowledge is there about Rivet Nut Column Gun Tool?

Typically used in high production volume environments, rivet nuts are a cost-effective alternative to weld nuts. Rivet nuts have a similar resistance to stresses as bolt and nut combinations, but they can be used in thinner-walled applications. They can also be installed on pre-painted components, without distorting the base material. They are also easy to install.

Rivet nuts come in a variety of shapes and lengths. They are typically installed using a rivet nut tool, a tool that is used to insert and install the rivet nut. Some types of rivet nut tools include hand, lever, and spin-pull tools. The most common are hand rivet nut tools.

Rivet nut tools have a range of thread sizes to ensure a proper fit. They are available in 1/4"-20, 3/8"-16, and 5/16"-18. They also come in a variety of thicknesses. They are a good option for attaching thin sheet metal and other materials in blind applications.
Rivet nuts are easy to install. They compress when installed, then clamp to the mating component. They are particularly useful for thin materials, as they provide a tight grip. They also offer excellent corrosion resistance.

Rivet nuts can be installed using manually powered hand tools, or by using a rivet nut gun. Rivet nut guns typically use pneumatic air pressure to engage the internal threads of the fastener. These tools have three main methods for installing blind thread inserts: spin-pull, pull-to-stroke, and right-angle.

Rivet nut tools should be ergonomically designed and feature rubber grips. They should also have storage cases for the mandrels and rivet nuts. Ideally, the rivet nut tool should be lightweight, compact, and portable.

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