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What are the knowledge introductions of The Doyle 13-Inch Professional Hand Nut Riveter?

BF Goodrich first developed rivet nuts in 1936. They were originally sold under the trademark name RIVNUT. These rivet nuts are used in a wide variety of applications. They can be used to replace weld nuts or as a means to inspect access covers. They are also commonly used in aviation.

The two basic types of rivet nuts are the reduced countersunk type and the open end type. The reduced countersunk type are internally threaded inserts, while the open end type allow the threaded part to thread through the nut.

The reduced countersunk type has a knurled body and is commonly used in thin sheets of material. It forms a bulge on the back side of a panel when the screw is tightened. It is also known as a blind nut.

The long arm rivet nut hand tool has a threaded center and is very handy for use on automobiles, electronics, and electric home appliances. Its versatility makes it ideal for stripped holes as an insert. It applies pressure like a bolt cutter, generating enough force to handle most aluminum rivet nuts. It has a 13-inch dual handle and comes with changeable nose pieces.

The DOYLE(tm) 13-inch Professional Hand Riveter is a powerful tool that includes five tool-free interchangeable nose pieces and a 4.8 volt battery. Its double compound hinge and forward/reverse trigger make it a convenient tool for most home improvement projects. It also has a built-in collection bottle to store mandrels.

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