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What is the knowledge about POP PS15 Hand Riveter?

The POP PS15 is a hand riveter that is designed for the one-hand operation. It is ideal for on-site maintenance and repair jobs. It's also suitable for pulling and setting aluminum rivets. It is made of vanadium steel handle design and a high-strength aluminum body. The best part about this tool is its ease of use and durability.

The heavy duty lever type is designed to reduce physical strength requirements, which makes it easier for the user to pull rivets. It comes with a mandrel catch and nose pieces. In addition, it features a well-designed grip. The comfortable vinyl grip minimizes hand fatigue and slipping while the sturdiness of the product ensures minimum wear and tear.
Another riveting tool in the same family is the plier type. This type of tool has a lever that retracts the mandrel. It is usually used for smaller aluminum and steel rivets.

A similar sized but more powerful tool is the pneumatic riveter. It is powered by compressed air and a compressor. It may come with a mandrel catch and rivet cassettes. It is often used in industries with high riveting volume.
In the same family as the plier is the pop riveter. This tool is designed to set blind rivets by pulling the tiniest of holes and installing the smallest of rivets. It also features an Auto-Hold Design that holds the blind rivet mandrel in a working nosepiece. It includes 100 assorted rivets.

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