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What is the knowledge about Using a Rivet Nut Column Gun?

Using a Rivet Nut Column Gun is a great way to install Rivnut(r) fasteners. These types of fasteners are a great replacement for weld nuts and are very economical. They can be used to install on pre-painted components without distorting the base material. They are also suitable for access to the rear of a component.

Rivet nuts come in a variety of styles. They are available in hex shaped, round bodied, and semi-hex shaped bodies. Each type is available in different lengths and are designed to provide different levels of strength and corrosion resistance.

Round bodied rivet nuts are designed for round holes and feature smooth external surfaces. They also have knurled external shanks that "bite" into the work piece. This provides extra torque resistance.
Hex shaped rivet nuts are designed for heavy duty applications and are ideal for use on hex shaped holes. They also provide excellent spinout resistance. They can be installed using most types of rivet nut tools. They are also a great alternative to clinch studs.

Semi-hex shaped rivet nuts are designed for applications that require a bit less strength. They are also a good choice for attaching thin material in blind applications. They have a hex shank underneath the head flange. They are also very useful for applications that require the ability to install at an angle.

Floating rivet nuts are another type of rivet nut. They feature threads that "float" inside the rivet nut body. This eliminates the risk of cross threading and provides a wide range of clearance options. They are ideal for different thicknesses of substrates and for applications that require assembly of machine screws at an angle. They are also available in both short and long shanks.

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