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What is the introduction about Malco 2IN1 Hand Riveter?

Hand Riveters are hand-powered tools used to install rivets into steel and aluminum parts. These tools use a simple lever and squeeze technique to crimp rivets in place. They are great for small-scale projects and occasional users. However, their slow and tedious process can be stressful on the hands.

Malco's 2IN1 Hand Riveter is lightweight, easy to use and provides enough pulling power to set most popular rivet sizes. It features a single long stroke for most hand riveting applications, and a short "ratchet" power stroke for larger diameter rivets. This hand riveter has an adjustable outside jaw-grigrigrigrid adjustment wheel, enabling it to easily adjust to fit any mandrel.

The hand riveter is an excellent choice for hobbyists and small repair projects. However, because of its limited setting power, a hand riveter is tiring to use. A heavy duty lever riveter, on the other hand, can handle much larger sizes than a hand rivet gun. Its longer handle provides leverage and greater setting power for easier installation. In addition, it comes with a mandrel catch, which allows for easier collection.

Hand riveters can be categorized into two categories, manual and pneumatic. Manual riveters are the most basic hand riveter type. They consist of two handles that can be twisted and pressed together. This type of hand riveter is often operated with one hand and requires only a single cycle to set the rivet.

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