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What is Rivet Nut Column Gun Tool?

A rivet nut column gun tool can help you make fastener installation easier. These tools are lightweight, rugged, and can install rivet nuts up to 8mm. This type of tool has a lithium-ion battery that can last hundreds to thousands of rivets. It also has a built-in lubrication system for consistent quality installation.

There are three basic types of rivet nut guns. The first type is known as spin-pull to pressure, and installs the fastener based on pre-set pressure. The second type of rivet nut gun, the spin-pull-stroke type, installs the fastener by threading it onto the mandrel and pulling it into the parent material. Both types of rivet nut guns are useful for applications with varying materials and thicknesses.

Rivet nuts can be round or hexagonal in shape. The full hexagonal type is recommended for heavy-duty applications, while the half-hex model is good for lighter-duty applications. Rivet nuts can also be slotted. They feature a round slotted body and a pre-bulbed shank. They are a great alternative to weld nuts, and can be installed easily using simple rivet nut tools. These include manual hand rivet nut tools, pneumatic spinspin rivet guns, and hydraulic spinpull rivet guns.

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