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What is the introduction about Hand Nut Riveter?

A Hand Nut Riveter is a hand tool used to rivet nuts to a variety of materials. This tool is made with a forged steel upper handle, an advanced heat treatment, and a steel insert design. These tools are designed to be used in tight spaces. The most common use for a Hand Nut Riveter is to fasten nuts to steel.

This tool is a great buy, as it eliminates the need for a wrench. It comes with a 13-inch dual handle and changeable nose pieces. It applies pressure similar to a bolt cutter, and has enough force to rivet several aluminum rivet nuts. Its price is also very reasonable, and the company offers good customer service.

Hand Nut Riveter features a patented threaded stud that engages the rivet nut's internal threads. It can be used in many different materials, and is a popular choice for welding and riveting. The rivet nut installation process consists of three steps: drilling a hole in the material, attaching the tool's mandrel, and forming a collar on the blind side of the workpiece.

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