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How to use the riveting machine safely?

Introduce you how to operate the riveting machine safely:
First of all, in the environment where the riveting machine is used, it is not necessary to use it in a place with excessive humidity and unstable circuits, and it is necessary to ensure that the environment is dry and the circuit should be stable.
Secondly, strictly follow the instructions for use, prohibit yourself from normal operation, and maintain the service life of the riveting machine.
Third, if there is a master in the factory, it is best to ask the teacher to bring the belt. The corresponding rivet ma Today, it is common for everyone to introduce the material types and size categories of riveting machine parts: riveting machine series machinery equipment in the corresponding How to use the riveting machine safely The market demand in the industry is electronic circuit boards for various industries, speakers series products, backplane series products, paper card series products, label series products, other small hardware, etc.

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