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What is the maintenance method of the riveting machine?

Riveting machine (also known as riveting machine, rotary riveting machine, riveting machine, rake riveting machine, etc.) is a new type of riveting equipment developed according to the principle of cold head. It can be used in conjunction with rivets to riveted items to mechanical equipment.

Yuyao Tangwen Tools Co., Ltd. Will share with you the riveting machine maintenance method:
1. Check whether there is air leakage in the upper and lower parts of the cylinder, or replace the sealing ring.
2. Check whether the steam pipes and fittings are firmly connected and whether there is air leakage.
3. Check whether the length of the rivet head is too large, otherwise it should be replaced.
4, rivet machine company, test equipment rivet rivet head normally swing or close, such as spherical pair problem should be replaced or repaired spherical pair.
5. The noise is large. When the abnormal spindle rotation quality is the riveting machine, the outer casing should be observed. If the bearing is worn or the bearing is damaged, it should be replaced immediately.

This machine is widely used in riveting auto parts, hardware, shoe riveting machine maintenance methods, luggage, strollers, handbags, clothing, stationery, travel goods, sports equipment, electronic products, various rivets in packaging and printing.

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