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Which is better, electric rivet nut gun or pneumatic rivet nut gun?

The application of rivet nut guns is very extensive. Many small partners are very entangled in the process of purchasing pneumatic and electric rivet nut guns, Yuyao Tangwen Tools Co., Ltd. Let's talk to you about two different types of rivet nut guns.

The use site of the electric rivet nut gun is not limited. The lithium battery type rivet nut gun can be operated in the site without power connection when the power is stored. For frequent work outdoors, or for self-employed use, there are more choices. , The pulling force of the electric rivet nut gun ranges from several thousand Newtons to tens of thousands of Newtons, and the specifications of the rivets are also very comprehensive, and the follow-up maintenance and repair costs are high.

Pneumatic rivet nut guns need a stable air source and air compressor. Many factory production lines will prefer pneumatic rivet nut guns, which can save more resources in terms of energy consumption. Of course, this is based on certain In terms of scale, the second pneumatic rivet nut gun can operate in a humid, flammable and violent environment, and the use conditions are safer; of course, the short board is also obvious, which is not conducive to carrying out, and the riveting force is from several thousand Newtons to the top 10,000 cattle, the riveting specifications are comprehensive; the maintenance cost in the later period is also lower than that of the electric one.

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