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What is the reason for the cracking of the riveter?

The riveter's unique features and strength multipliers provide a large number of rivet sets that also automatically compensate for small differences. The riveting machine can be customized for different objects, suitable for riveted objects, the riveting effect has curling effect and blooming effect. The riveted effect of the hemming effect is more prone to breakage. The main reasons for the rupture are the following three points.

Yuyao Tangwen Tools Co., Ltd analyzed as follows:
1. To see the material of the rivet, the material is stainless steel. Easiest to crack;
2. The reason for the cracking of the rivet machine in the rivet is that the thickness of the nail wall in the empty part is inconsistent and cracked, which is the reason for the unevenness of the hand;
3. The center of the upper and lower molds is offset. Also debug, just debug the central location.
There are three kinds of rivets commonly used in riveting machines, the first is hollow rivets; the second is hollow rivets. The second is a semi-tubular rivet (hollow rivet); the third is a solid rivet.

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