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What tools do you use for rivet nuts?

Pressure rivet nuts can also be called rivet nuts. The purpose of nuts is to precisely connect parts of machinery and equipment. It is a component that must be used in all production and manufacturing machinery. It has a wide range of uses, the most common being the automobile industry, construction machinery, special machinery and equipment, rail transit, shipbuilding industry, public equipment construction and so on.

The pressure riveting nut makes it connect with the thin plate or sheet metal, and has the characteristics of operating orders, firm connection and high production efficiency. Because the traditional nut and stud connection is done manually, there will be low work efficiency, large workload, tightness is affected by human factors and the thread of the nut is easy to wear. Thus affecting the accuracy of the machine. It has a direct impact on the efficiency of the enterprise.
Therefore, in some industries, people will choose the way of pressure riveting to complete the connection between nuts and parts. The pressure riveting nut equipment is widely used, and the pressure riveting equipment can be customized according to the special needs of parts and customers.

Press riveting nut, you can choose a pneumatic riveting machine to press riveting. If you need to improve work efficiency, you can also customize a vibrating plate automatic feeding riveting machine to press riveting nuts.

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