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What is the introduction to the use of rivet nuts?

Do you know what a rivet nut is? Generally, it is used to install various parts on automobiles, or to install various panels in aviation. The rivet nut used inside the elevator is a kind of rivet nut used to install screws. The places where it is usually used are very important joints, which makes the selection of the material of the rivet nut very important. So, what are the ways to use rivet nuts? Let's take a look.

【What is a rivet nut】
Rivet nuts are used in the fastening fields of various metal sheets, pipes and other manufacturing industries, and are widely used in the assembly of electromechanical and light industrial products such as automobiles, aviation, railways, refrigeration, elevators, switches, instruments, furniture, and decoration. It is developed to solve the shortcomings of thin metal plate and thin tube welding nut, which is easy to melt, the base material is easy to be welded and deformed, and the internal thread is easy to slip.

【How to use the rivet nut】
If the nut of a certain product needs to be installed on the outside, and the space inside is small, the indenter of the riveting machine cannot be entered for riveting and the methods such as budding cannot meet the strength requirements, then both riveting and riveting are not feasible. Pull rivets must be used. It is suitable for fastening of plates and pipes of various thicknesses (0.5MM-6MM). It can be riveted at one time by using a pneumatic or manual riveting gun, which is convenient and firm; it can replace the traditional welding nut and make up for the shortcomings of thin metal plate, thin tube welding, and uneven welding nut.

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