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What are the precautions for the use of rivet nuts?

The rivet nut is a fastener that has been used more in recent years. Its appearance has replaced some traditional welding processing methods in a certain range. The rivet nut is the solution to the connection between some difficult-to-weld equipment and other components. The use of rivet nuts requires the use of a rivet nut gun, such as a manual rivet nut gun, etc. Before using the manual rivet nut gun, you need to pay attention to the following problems:

1. First check whether the nozzle screw is assembled correctly. Select the corresponding gun head and rivet bolt according to the size of the rivet nut, and check whether the connection of each connecting part is firm.
2. Pay attention to the deformation length or displacement of the riveted nut, and then correctly adjust the opening angle of the operating rod.
3. The scale ring of the riveting nut gun is used to adjust the riveting stroke. It can be adjusted freely according to the needs during operation. It is worth noting that when adjusting the length of the riveting bolt, it is necessary to open the two handles and adjust the sleeve of the gun head. The exposed length of the rivet bolt can be slightly larger than the length of the rivet nut. Finally, the adjustment nut and the gun body are tightened together.
4. Finally, open both hands and pull out the bakelite, put the corresponding rivet nut on the end of the rivet bolt and pinch it firmly, and push the bakelite to screw the gun head bolt. Then pierce the rivet nut into the pre-drilled hole of the riveting piece, and then press the two handles with force. At this moment, the rivet nut expands and the workpiece is riveted, and then the bakelite ball is pulled out, and the rivet nut is withdrawn from the threaded hole. The installation of the rivet nut can be completed.

Note: During the use of the manual rivet nut gun. If it is found that the cap is loose, it should be tightened in time. After use, the gun head bolt should be protected and not damaged.

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