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What is the functional difference between gourmet desk and riveting machine?

Although many customers call the gourmet desk a riveting machine, in fact, there is a big difference between a gourmet desk and a riveting machine.

1. The riveting machine is different from the riveting machine, it can perform riveting of different types and different surface coating materials. The riveting machine has certain requirements for this.
2. The riveting machine has higher strength than the pneumatic riveting machine, and can be visually inspected.
3. The processing efficiency of the riveting machine is high, the windows operating system is installed, and the degree of automation is high.
4. There is no requirement for the working environment, and no special workplace requirements are required.
5. The riveting machine adopts a connection without heating, so there is no distortion caused by thermal effect.
6. The working process of the new riveting machine is reasonable.
7. Workpieces with different thicknesses and different strengths can be connected. The price-performance ratio is comparable to that of a corn machine and a button machine.
8. No need for pre-drilling and punching.
9. There is no need to consider the alignment of the riveting machine. The shoe eye machine and double grain riveting machine have requirements for this.
10. Low maintenance cost, no pollution to the environment during the working process, and no follow-up work such as cleaning slag.

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