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What is the function of a pneumatic rivet gun?

The function of pneumatic rivet gun:

1. Vibration-free technology provides the correct action from the work environment modification to minimize the risk of CTD nail gun (cumulative damage disorder). Especially for 1/4 Magna-Lok structural rivets, more than 3700 pounds of traction, strong die-cast structure for rough and uneven places Force N (kgf): 16637 (1700) Maximum stroke (mm): 22.0 Required air pressure MPa (kgf/cm): 0.59-0.64 (6.0-6.5) Air volume required for each rivet: 4.6L/rivet weight ( kg): 2.9 In addition, the 360-degree rotary air-tight joint allows the tool to be placed vertically at the work site. It is most suitable for riveting work of widely used rivets with a diameter of 2.4 to 4.8. The design of long stroke (14-16mm), The riveting range of one-time start-up is greatly expanded, and the speed is improved compared with previous products.

2. Automatically sucking nails, the speed of rivets is twice as fast as usual. Automatically retract the nails, and continuously pull the nails, without having to reverse the nails, which saves time. Made of aviation aluminum material, it is lightweight and has no fatigue after long-term use. Adjustable pulling force and speed. The hydraulic device has no noise, no recoil, etc.

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