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Seven points to pay attention to in riveting machine?

Riveting machines can be divided into many types according to the type of structure, including slide rail type and turntable type, but their principles are completely different. They are all set to move the workpiece to the riveting area, and then the riveting machine completes the riveting technology.
Seven points to pay attention to in the riveting machine:
①Organizing the rivet storage tank: Remove the rivet storage tank and take out the remaining rivets, so as to prevent the remaining rivets from being mixed in the subsequent production and causing damage to the riveted goods; arrange with cotton cloth; put it back after finishing.
②Funnel sorting: Unscrew the funnel fixing nut and remove the compression spring; remove the funnel, use a flat-blade screwdriver to sort out the remaining rivets in the funnel, and then wipe it with a cotton cloth to clean it and then put it back in the order of disassembly.
③Organize the guide rail: pull the guide rail to block the remaining rivets in the guide rail to flow into the guide groove of the clamping nozzle, press the slide frame to take out the remaining rivets from the clamping nozzle; use cotton cloth to remove the inner guide rail, clamping nozzle and upper die rod with cotton cloth Wipe clean.
④ Arrangement of the lower die holder: Remove the protective cloth cover of the lower die holder, and arrange the remaining gaskets on the floating core needle.
⑤ Rocker arm, motor finishing: first tidy up the motor cover and then tidy up the belt pulley and the belt pulley protective cover; if the motor is not cleaned in time and there is too much dust, the motor will be damaged and the motor will be damaged.
⑥Peripheral finishing: finishing the surface of the machine is dirty, if the machine is not clean or there is adhesive tape, it can be wiped with coke water.
⑦ Trial: After cleaning, plug in the power supply, turn on the power supply and open the device, and check whether all parts are running normally; then it can be put into production and use.

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