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What are the precautions for daily maintenance of automatic riveting machine?

Precautions for daily maintenance of automatic riveting machine:
①Do not process work beyond the standard capacity
②Do not work under high pressure for a long time.
③ The length of the head should not exceed the rules.
④The hydraulic oil should be replaced after one year of use.
⑤ Radial equipment should be lubricated regularly.
⑥ Immediately park the vehicle for maintenance in case of abnormality, until the defect is cleaned.
⑦ The assembly and disassembly of the rivet head should be slow, especially when disassembling the rivet head, do not use brute force to pull it out. The rivet head should be rotated and pulled out slowly and forcefully. Assuming that the rivet seat of the inserted rivet head is pulled out of the normal position, there will be a significant error in the position of the rivet head after the rivet head is installed. At this moment, the red safety cover should be disassembled, and the rivet seat can be used only after the rivet seat is installed in place, otherwise the machine is very simple damage.
⑧The guide rail of the equipment should be coated with butter once a month to make it smooth and rust-proof.
⑨ In use, the riveting head will appear slender bonding phenomenon when processing certain materials. In order to ensure the quality of riveting, the riveting head should be cleaned up on time to prevent metal bonding and thickening. Fix the rivet head to the chuck of the lathe when you pack, then polish it with sandpaper.
Solid rivets are suitable for solid rivets, also known as rotary riveting machines. Commonly used products for solid rivets are hardware products. Solid rivets are suitable for high demand for products. If the demand is not high, it is recommended to choose hollow rivets. Why do you say hollow rivets? Rivets, do not choose solid rivets, the main reason is that when solid rivets are riveted, the rivets need to be placed one by one manually, so the power of the solid rivet machine will be very low, while the power of the hollow rivet machine is automatic flow nails. times, so you can choose a suitable riveting machine according to the product.

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