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What are the matters needing attention when using automatic riveting machine?

Matters needing attention when using automatic riveting machine:
1. When the power indicator light of the riveting machine is on, it is forbidden to make any adjustments to the machine, so as to avoid unnecessary damage to the operator caused by starting the machine outside the machine.
2. When the material processing operation of the automatic riveting machine is carried out, the personnel need to have a certain distance from the riveting machine, and should not be too close, and the debris will splash and cause personnel injury.

The automatic riveting machine is an automatic sewing machine, which completes a specific feeding process according to the specified seam. Different automatic riveting machines and different buttons have different stitches, and there are four stitches for the commonly used four-eye flat buttons. There are two types of stitches in automatic riveting machines: single-thread chain stitch (107 stitches) and lock stitches (304 stitches). Automatic riveting machines with a large number and wide range use single-thread chain stitches.

Fully automatic riveting machine is generally used in processing occasions where small rivets and high processing power are required. In the riveting process of small rivets, the installation process of small rivets often takes up a lot of auxiliary time, which not only increases the labor intensity and time of workers, but also reduces the power. The automatic feeding riveting machine selects the rivets by mechanical method, and uses the slideway to send the rivets to the processing position, and the whole process is automatically completed. The main engine adopts pneumatic or hydraulic structure design with the latest international stable riveting structure. Of course, the turntable CNC riveting machine can not only riveting rivets, but also the pressure riveting nuts and pressure riveting studs in daily production can be automatically riveted on this machine.

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