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What are the cleaning tasks of the riveting machine?

When the riveting machine is in operation, some impurities are often left, which will affect the next work. Therefore, it needs to be thoroughly cleaned with a suitable solution, such as disposing of some anti-rust oil films, and cleaning some important parts and various parts. , so as to ensure that everything is clean in place.

1. Cleaning of the rivet storage tank: Remove the rivet storage tank and take out the excess rivets to prevent the remaining rivets from being mixed in the subsequent production and cause damage to the riveted product. Use a cotton cloth to clean it and put it back after cleaning.

2. Funnel cleaning: Unscrew the funnel fixing nut, remove the compression spring, remove the funnel, use a flat-blade screwdriver to clean the excess rivets in the funnel, and then wipe it with a cotton cloth to clean it, and then install it in the order of disassembly.

3. Cleaning of Guangdong riveting machine—cleaning of guide rails: Pull the guide rail to make blocks so that the remaining rivets in the guide rail flow into the guide groove of the clamping nozzle. The manufacturer of the pneumatic riveting machine introduces the sliding frame to take out the remaining rivets from the clamping nozzle, and use a cotton cloth to remove the remaining rivets. The inside of the guide rail, the clamping nozzle and the upper die rod should be wiped clean.

4. Lower die holder cleaning: Remove the lower die holder protective cloth cover and clean the remaining gasket on the float pin. Rocker arm and motor cleaning: first clean the motor cover and then clean the belt pulley and the belt pulley protective cover. If the motor is not cleaned in time and there is too much dust, it will damage the motor.

5. Peripheral cleaning: The surface of the Guangdong riveting machine is dirty. If the machine is not clean or there is tape, you can use vanilla water to clean it. Trial: After cleaning, plug in the power, turn on the power and turn on the device, and check whether all parts are running normally.

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