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What are the classifications of pneumatic riveting machines?

Pneumatic riveting machine is a new type of riveting equipment developed based on the principle of cold rolling, which refers to the mechanical equipment that can riveted objects with rivets.

The equipment is easy and safe to operate, equipped with anti-pressure hand device to protect the personal safety of workers' fingers. The riveting machine is mainly assembled by rotation and pressure. It is mainly used in the occasions where rivets (hollow rivets, hollow rivets, solid rivets, etc.) are required for riveting. The common types mainly include automatic riveting machines (mainly for the riveting of semi-hollow riveting machines, which can automatically feed materials, improve riveting efficiency and reduce labor waste) and rotary riveting machines (rotary riveting machines are divided into pneumatic riveting machines and hydraulic riveting machines. machine, mainly used for riveting of solid rivets, or larger hollow rivets).
Pneumatic riveting machine is a general term for riveting equipment such as riveting machine, riveting machine, corn machine, etc. Usually people refer to the riveting machine alone. The riveting machine can be divided into: pneumatic riveting machine and hydraulic riveting machine according to the power mode.

The classification of pneumatic riveting machines is as follows:
According to the characteristics of use: fixed group riveting machine, fixed single riveting machine, mobile single riveting machine.
According to the power form: pneumatic lever type, pneumatic type, hydraulic type, pneumatic hydraulic type.

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