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What is the working principle, operation, characteristics and installation knowledge of the riveting machine?

The working principle of the riveting machine: a riveting method in which the rivet is partially pressurized with a rivet rod and continuously swings around the center until the rivet is formed.

Features: convenient and multi-purpose, efficient and easy to operate.

Operation method:
1. When using the riveting machine, the operator should stand firmly with legs apart.
2. When testing the pneumatic riveting machine, it should be tested on the wooden pier, not on the cement floor and steel plate.
3. When checking the air gallbladder, the air cutoff door must be closed. It is strictly forbidden to lift the rivet gun, place it laterally on people and peek inward.
4. The socket head of the pneumatic riveting machine should be tied to the handle with iron wire, and should not be placed in a place where it is not easy to collide for the time being.
5. It is necessary to confirm that the top handle is firmly fixed before opening the air riveting. If the workpiece is large and the top handle personnel cannot be seen, they should echo each other.
6. Before the riveting operation, you should wear protective glasses, tie the cuffs tightly, and fasten the collar button. The head should avoid directly below the rivet.
7. The air rivet can be opened only after the socket head is in contact with the rivet, and it is not easy to give too much wind at the beginning.
8. The core burning temperature of the nail is low, and riveting is not allowed. When the nail needs to be withdrawn, it can only be tapped lightly with the permission of the nailer.
9. When using the hydraulic riveting machine, the electrical switches, oil pipe joints and other parts should be in good condition, the movement should be flexible, and the boom should have a firm end-point magnetic head. When moving, pay attention to people and things.

Install the rails of the riveter, then move the rails over the perforated plate so that the remaining rivets in the rails flow into the guide slots of the nozzle. Press the slide bracket out of the clamp to remove the remaining rivets, then clamp the inside of the slide rail with a cotton cloth. The upper die strip was wiped clean. According to riveting machine manufacturers, riveting machines are based on compressed air. Efficient and easy to operate, riveting machines can reduce a large part of the labor force. The rivet shells are manually operated and a live assembly line is integrated. The structure is simple and convenient, the price is very cheap, and the function is very good. The riveting machine has no hydraulic system and electrical standby noise. The riveting machine can save power consumption, reduce production costs, and has a high cost performance. The riveter's unique features and strength multipliers provide a large number of rivet sets.

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