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What is the introduction of Rivet Nut Column Gun Tool?

A Rivet Nut Column Gun tool is a powerful and versatile hand tool that can be used to install and remove rivet nuts. It features an adjustable nut clevis to secure the rivet in place and a battery that can last hundreds or even thousands of installs. These tools also feature a comfortable rubber grip to ensure a secure grip while you are setting rivets.

Rivet nut tools are available in manual and powered versions. Manually powered rivet nut tools consist of levers or ratchets. These tools require the user to insert the rivet nut, thread it onto the mandrel, and then retract the mandrel, which then pulls the nut into the parent material. Manual installation is an economical choice for small or low-volume production runs. Manual rivet nut tools are also available in pneumatic versions that feature inline, right angle, and pistol grip form factors.

The most common types of rivet nut tools include hydropneumatic and pneumatic spin-spin rivet guns. Both are designed to ensure that the correct nut is installed in the joint. They can also be used for blind threaded inserts. These tools are commonly used for installation of blind threaded inserts in many industries.

A rivet nut can be knurled or round depending on the material used. A knurled surface provides added torque resistance while a smooth one allows for a better grip. Rivet nuts are also available with a hexagonal shape, providing the ultimate in spinout resistance.

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