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What is the introduction of Hand Riveter?

Basically a riveter is a tool that is used to bind two pieces of material together. It creates a stronger joint than a screw. Riveters are available in hand operated and hand powered forms. These tools are used for a wide variety of rivets, including blind rivets. They are also used in automotive applications, including license plates, flexible bumpers, and wheel wells.

There are two main types of hand riveters: plier-type riveters and lever-type riveters. The plier type riveter is used for smaller aluminum rivets, while the lever type riveter is used for more substantial steel rivets. These types of riveters feature a jaw mechanism that pulls the mandrel through the rivet body. The mandrel then retracts from the jaw mechanism with the help of plier type handles. These types of riveters are typically used for light duty applications, such as automotive repairs.

The POP PS15 hand riveter is designed for pulling and setting aluminum rivets. It features a vanadium steel handle and aluminum casting. It also has an Auto-Hold Design to hold the blind rivet mandrel in the working nosepiece. The handle is also designed with a non-slip rubber pad under the handle. It also includes two sets of jaws and a rivet collecting bottle.

The 2IN1 Hand Riveter is a lightweight riveting tool that provides enough pulling power to set all of the most popular rivet sizes. Its slim nose makes it possible to reach into recessed areas. It also features a short "ratchet action" power stroke to set larger diameter rivets.

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