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How does a riveter handle thin sheets?

The riveter is a cold head machine. Typically used to make semi-tubular rivets. It is based on the principle of metal-plastic forming. It uses a die to extrude and roughen the material so that it can be deformed to the desired state. The following Yuyao Tangwen Tools Co., Ltd will introduce to you how the riveting machine processes the plate.

1. Backplate adjusters usually have electric quick adjusters and manual trimmers, the same as shears
2. Bend incision selection. For example, to bend 3mm of paper, you need to select about 35 slots.
3. If it is an automatic riveter, setting its riveter stroke, the application must pay attention to scheduling the stroke, which must be detected before bending. Check the die of the riveting machine, and adjust the stroke according to customer needs.
4. Press the foot switch to start bending. The riveter can be loosened anytime during processing, and can be terminated anytime, anywhere. Once you're in the cloud, you can continue processing. But it's only a semi-automatic riveter, like an automatic riveter can't be controlled.
5. Turn on the switch on the riveter, turn on the switch on the operation panel, and watch how the riveter handles the sheet, with its rivets spinning to indicate it is working.

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